About me

While searching trying to find a bow tie for my husband to wear at an upcoming ceremony I noticed that I could only find bland variations of the same patterns over and over. You see, for someone born in the colorful eighties, I wanted something different. I wanted something edgier.


Dots, Stripes, Paisleys is this all I can find? I want an edgier bow tie."


That's how the idea for Weev was born.


I decided to put aside my career as a building architect and go ahead with this project. With no background experience in the area, I wasn't sure what I was getting into… but I knew one thing: I wanted to make our men (and women) more stylish and charming.


I say all my bow ties have their own identity because I cut and sow everything by hand, and I like seeing how all of them look different. Some people might consider that a flaw but I think that's what makes them unique.


Diana Nunes